Ethical Profit Agency serves business with a social and/or environmental purpose. We are an accounting practice that works with companies and individuals who focus on triple bottom line accounting. Our environmental commitment is reflected in our work, as well as the tax and accounting advice we give to our clients. Ethical Profit Agency is almost exclusively cloud based and encourages clients to move to online technologies to eliminate paper and other unnecessary waste in their businesses.

As a company, Ethical Profit Agency strongly believes in work-life balance. The owner is from Australia, where paid vacation is minimum four weeks, and there is an understanding that work is left at work. This is the attitude infused into Ethical Profit Agency’s culture, allowing flexible working hours to best fit the person’s productivity cycles. We also have a working from home policy, allowing our employees to work from home where appropriate in an effort to lower the carbon emissions and improve quality of life.

In addition to traditional accounting services, we also host educational workshops about the financial benefit of having environmentally and socially responsible business practices to encourage more businesses to commit to better CSR practices.

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